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37 some of the latest concepts for treating your water along with notes about what to consider before a purchase. Antiscaling treatment Antiscaling treatment isn't new, but it's new for house- hold use. These types of devices may use magnets, conductive ceramic plates, or even citric acid, to attract, disrupt, or remove hardness ions. Because they're new to the home, there aren't many conclusive studies about the efficacy of these devices for home use, and there aren't yet national standards for testing and certifying antiscaling device performance. Until product testing for household antiscaling products is available, consumers can't tell for certain which products best reduce scale buildup in the home. Although some of these products may work at the industrial level, water quality varies from house to house, making antiscaling much harder to consistently work for individual homes. Furthermore, even if mineral scale doesn't build up, some of these products don't remove hardness, which means they might leave a residue on surfaces, or the feel of water may be undesirable. Investigate product claims prior to making a purchase. Standards and protocols are in development that may offer testing and certification of these household prod- ucts in coming years. Keep an eye on antiscaling tech- nologies such as: ✓ Template-assisted crystallization that uses surface- treated resin beads to convert (not remove) hard- ness ions to scale-resistant forms. These materials are the copyright of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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